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Carfax Introduces New Used Car Listing Website

I f you re not already aware, Carfax announced a few days ago they were set to shake up the industry a bit and revolutionize online car shopping with vehicle history search .

Carfax has unveiled an innovation in online car shopping that helps consumers find the right car with the right history. At online shoppers now can search for used cars with specific vehicle history details – things like no accidents reported to Carfax, service records, Carfax 1-Owner and more. Used cars for sale from thousands of dealers on the new listings site all come with free Carfax® Vehicle History Reports™. Plus, vehicles are shown based on the history attributes shoppers want, making the shopping process for visitors easier and faster.

Find your next car on

I had a short Q A with Carfax leading up to the announcement. And when I say short, I mean quite short. As you see they were very, lets say political with their initial answers. I have a feeling they re determined to shake things up, but do it slowly.

Maybe after the dust settles, I ll have another opportunity to speak with Carfax and get some more specifics.

Jeff Why now why now introduce a new Used Car Listing website into the landscape?

Carfax  People today expect to see Carfax Vehicle History Reports when shopping for used cars online and dealers want to include them with their listings. Carfax Used Car Listings helps meet both needs.

Jeff What s going to differentiate CarFax vehicle listing website from the the other listing sites?

Carfax Carfax Used Car Listings is the only place where people can start searching for used cars using vehicle history. Shoppers can search for used cars with no accidents reported to Carfax, service records, Carfax 1-Owner and more. Every used car on Carfax Used Car Listings has a free Carfax Vehicle History Report from dealers. Plus, there’s no ads so used car shoppers can more quickly and easily find dealers who have the car they want with the right history.

Jeff Why would a consumer visit to search for their next vehicle?

Carfax Carfax Used Car Listings is the only place where people can start searching for used cars using vehicle history and where every car listed has a free Carfax Report from dealers. Plus, consumers trust Carfax people visit our website more than 67 million times a year to get trusted information that helps them buy with more confidence.

Jeff   How do you plan to get the message out to the consumer?

Carfax We’re rolling out a national ad campaign in the coming months to help consumers find the right car with the right history for sale from dealers on Carfax Used Car Listings.

Jeff It sounds as if a dealer will need to be a Carfax Advantage Dealer to have price, photos and a detailed description of the vehicle included. Can you confirm?

Carfax Yes, Carfax Advantage Dealers can upgrade their listings to include these details and more. However, any Carfax-subscribing dealer can get basic listings for their inventory.

Jeff  Is there going to be a price to dealers for this?

Carfax Carfax-subscribing dealers get basic listings for free on Carfax Used Car Listings. Carfax Advantage Dealers can talk to their Carfax rep about upgrading their listings.

What do you think, can we give Carfax a warm welcome into the vehicle listing arena?

Read the full Press Release after the jump

Carfax revolutionizes online car shopping with vehicle history search

Unique Vehicle Listings Site Helps Consumers Find the Right Car with the Right History from Dealers  

CENTREVILLE, Va. (March 10, 2014 ) – Carfax has unveiled an innovation in online car shopping that helps consumers find the right car with the right history. At online shoppers now can search for used cars with specific vehicle history details – things like no accidents reported to Carfax, service records, Carfax 1-Owner and more. Used cars for sale from thousands of dealers on the new listings site all come with free Carfax® Vehicle History Reports™. Plus, vehicles are shown based on the history attributes shoppers want, making the shopping process for visitors easier and faster.

“I found a great car on Carfax,” said used car shopper Nathan Walker from Washington state. “I called the dealer immediately and he said the car was not listed in their inventory yet because it was still in detail and undergoing inspection. I already knew from the information in the Carfax listing that I wanted to see it. I drove forty miles to the dealership and bought the car.”

Key vehicle history details seen in every vehicle listing help save time while sifting through search results. At, visitors begin their search of more than one million used cars by selecting the vehicle history attributes they want. Listings from Carfax Advantage Dealers also include price, photos and a detailed description of the vehicle.

Once potential buyers find they car they want, they easily connect with the dealer directly from the vehicle listing on

“We’ve made sure our inventory is included on for years,” said Jeff Best, vice president of used cars for Brown s Car Stores. “It’s an easy way for us to get in front of ready-to-buy shoppers. Consumers trust Carfax, which helps build their trust in the cars we list on Carfax.”

“Millions of online shoppers today click on readily available Carfax Reports to see if the cars they want have a history that meets their needs,” said Dick Raines, president of Carfax. “Now, consumers can know right away by choosing which history details are most important to them at the beginning of their search. Carfax puts the right cars with the right history right in front of you.”

Carfax also recommends a mechanic’s inspection and thorough test drive before buying, in addition to a Carfax Report, to help purchase the right used car with the right Carfax history.

About Carfax

Carfax is the vehicle history expert for used car buyers, sellers and the automotive industry. Carfax created the Vehicle History Report in 1986 and maintains the largest vehicle history database ever assembled, comprising over 12 billion vehicle records from more than 81,000 sources across North America. A Carfax® Vehicle History Report™, the most trusted resource for vehicle history information, is an essential step in the used car buying process. Get free Carfax® Reports from dealers wherever used cars are sold online or look for Carfax Advantage™ dealers in your area and say ‘Show Me the Carfax’. For used car buying tips or to purchase a Carfax® Report, visit Carfax was recently acquired by IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS).

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