Dec 23 2017

2003 G35 with 188, 000KM? Page 2 – Infiniti G35 #auto #vin #check

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Yeah, not as smooth as I had hoped. He told me to call the financing company to get my money back, which I thought was odd, but called anyway. They laughed and told me that the owner has to give me my money back, not the finance company, which made sense to me. Anyways, I called the guy’s cellphone, and he refused to answer, but when I called the main desk, and then they transferred me through to him, he answered. Anyways, I got very serious with him, and told him that he needs to stop taking me on some little joy ride of his, and to give me my money back. He told me they can’t send me a cheque, and that I have to drive the 5 hours back to Toronto to pick it up in person, and I have a feeling they still won’t give it to me even if I do go there tomorrow. Not to mention it will cost $150 in gas to get there. not even worth it.

Anyways, I told him that they have two options. Send me the money back in cheque form/credit card, or I will take them to court. He started screaming at me telling me to f*** off and TAKE ME TO COURT.

I can’t believe I got all wrapped up in this. In total, if I go get the money back, this will cost me around $600 with gas (x2), and food (x2). I hate myself right now for falling into the palms of your typical used car salesman.

If, for instance, I did take him to court, could I sue for damages in the sense that he made me drive back to pick up my money, and the drive there to begin with, since I only went there to see the Audi that he supposedly had, but when I got there, it wasn’t there, and I wasn’t allowed to test drive like I was told I would be, and, turns out, the finance company won’t finance me now because I’m under 25, which is not what I was told over the phone. Basically, this was a complete waste of my time, money and patience.

Thanks for your replies guys, I appreciate it!

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